Living Hinge

When I first heard that you could bend wood with a laser I thought its a form of sorcery. But off course I had to immediately go and try it.

By cutting different lengths of lines, not one going all the way from one side to the other, it makes the wood flexible. The wider the gaps between the lines, the more rigid the bend, smaller gaps cause more flexibility.

There is also quite  a few different designs available for the living hinge. each unique in its way of bending and flexibility.

Using the standard line format of living hinge, I have done many bracelets to make people go ‘WOW!’ while demonstrating the capabilities of Trotec Lasers.

In this photo is one of the bracelets I’ve been using for some time. Its a very simple concept and make for a nice and flexible bracelet.

Here is a link to some of the types of ‘living hinge’ cuts available:

Living Hinge Swatches

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