Coat of arms

Some history on coat of arms with compliments of Wikipedia:

Way back our parents and grand parents used to have what we know as family crests or coat of arms. This was normally printed or sometimes even painted. It had a lot of meaning for them and the family as it was something to show where they came from. This tradition have slowly died out. Children now days do not even know that their family name was once linked to a coat of arms that was sketched by hand.

Some people like myself, although still part of the younger generation, do however like these old traditions. And I am sure many of you out there will want to pass it on to your children and grand children.

I have started to redraw coat of arms digitally, only for myself at first, then for my wife’s family and soon after for friends. All the images I could find for my coat of arms and the same for my wife’s family and friends was very low resolution pictures. Mostly scanned in from different sources. Online you do find websites that offer you the coat of arms for your surname however, I have yet to find the website with the correct one for my family.

Working in the laser engraving industry have taught me a lot of good things. Especially how to make something ordinary very special and even create the possibility of a family heirloom. Throughout my work in the field, and some requests from my wife and friends, I have made some very nice gifts and family heirlooms for them just by using the coat of arms and some ordinary products.

Below is some pictures of what I have done so far.

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