Review – XIAOMI Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver

So everyone that knows me, know that I love tools and gadgets (and knifes).

So for some time, I was looking at a small, compact and durable precision screwdriver set. I have tried a few (not gonna name any brand’s here), all around the R300 – 500 price bracket and was just not happy with the quality and durability. Then some time ago I came across a knife group on Facebook (yes, another very expensive thing I love) and saw a post where precision screwdriver sets were discussed. Of course, I follow the discussion and found that the Xiaomi brand was discussed and a few guys were of the opinion that it is great quality.

And so the hunt begins. Follow a few online sites for pricing, including our local favourite, Takealot, and some others. I also came across the listing of this particular brand on Banggood. I was sceptical about Banggood because when I used them before, the item took like 3 months to get to me and when it was supposed to arrive, it never did. Talking to someone in my family they said the shipping for an item they ordered from Banggood was very quick and without any hassles. So eventually I came across the electric version of the set that I was originally looking at. Slightly more expensive but I thought for what it offers, it is not too bad. Kept an eye out and not too long after, it was on sale. Decided to go for it and give it a try and so I placed the order on the 2nd of November. I made peace with myself that I would receive it only in the new year.

To my surprise, I was contacted around the 18th by a company doing custom clearance and they requested some information from my side. At first sceptical, I checked out the company’s details and online footprint to ensure I do not just give my details to a scammer, but after some confirmations, I updated my details for them and on the 23rd I received my parcel. 3 weeks after the order was placed. This already impressed me.

Now, getting to the fun part. I was really impressed with the overall look and feel of the product. This image is from the website as I was too excited to open the unit and I didn’t take a picture before I ‘personalised’ it using a Trotec Galvo Fiber Laser.

It is a very sturdy metal enclosure with magnetic place holders for the bits. The case opens with a push button and then slides out. The enclosure seems like coated aluminium. Very lightweight and it marks a nice white when marked using a Trotec Galvo Fiber Laser.

The screwdriver fits nicely in your hand and is not too big or bulky. Buttons are easily accessible when in your hand and the bits sit nicely in the magnetic point.

The bits itself feel like good quality and from the things I have disassembled already it is definitely more durable than some of the other brands on the market in the same price bracket.

The electric motor is strong enough to tighten or undo most screws unless very tight. On the couple of things I dismantled only one or 2 screws needed me to give it a turn by hand before the motor could do the rest. Considering the size of the motor, this is impressive. Of course I would not recommend pushing it to breaking point, but for my purpose, this is great.

It comes with a little USB-A to USB-C cable for charging. You can use almost any 5v USB charger for this device. Including your laptop or one of the many power banks we all have laying around the house.

Of-course, working in the laser field, most things end up under the laser at some point in time. So literally just after receiving the package, I have thrown something together on CorelDRAW and off it went to the laser. Because it is metal and I wanted the speed, I decided to go for Galvo Fiber laser and not Co2, although a Co2 laser most likely will also mark this particular product because it is coated. For the graphic, I went with a pattern for the bulk of the front and embedded my family crest (discussed in one of my previous blog posts) also on the front. I added my name just to make sure if I leave it somewhere that I can get it back. Of course, just thrown in the new Trotec Logo to make sure everyone knows it was marked with a Trotec… Marking was done on a Trotec Rayjet U50 20w Galvo Fiber laser and took a whole of 25 seconds using the standard ‘Anodised Aluminium’ setting.

Below some photos of the unit and the personalisation done on the front.

For those of you interested in this electric precision screwdriver set, please go to:

Hope you have enjoyed this quick review of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver Set.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy!

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